$1 Trillion Moonshot || #ZeroBarriers
If you have an innovative solution to propose, we ask that you take some time to submit your idea in the following format:
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Hi {{answer_vLKqj0Ix9CcO}},

Thank you for taking time to submit your idea!

Your idea should seek to answer the following question with as much specificity as possible"

"If you had $1Bn, how would you deploy it in discovering, developing and/or investing in entrepreneurs across the United States over the next 3-5 years?"

Solution Format. Each solution proposed needs to be presented in the following format:
     Problem: What is the big picture problem you are solving?
     Root Cause: Why does this problem exist
     What’s your solution
     What would the solution cost
     What’s the projected outcome?

{{answer_vLKqj0Ix9CcO}}, what is the BIG PROBLEM you are solving for? *

Avoid getting in the weeds but adequately define the problem your idea is addressing.
Why does this problem exist?
What’s the root cause? *

Be as tactical/solvable as possible
What is your solution? *

How does this solve the root cause?
What would the solution cost? *

Dictate form of capital: grant, investment, government funding, etc
What’s the projected outcome? *

3-5 years from now, what will be different?
Thank you!
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